Our authors have been with us for a very long time and have written and published
several award-winning, custom-designed books with MAUGEDESIGN

Image of author, Steve Miller

Steve J. Miller, PhD

  • Deathbed Experiences

  • Near-Death Experiences

  • Enjoy Your Money

  • Faith

  • Sell More Books

  • Publish a Book

  • Writing Conversations

  • BackWords: A Backwards Word List for Gamers

  • Social Media Frenzy: Why Time Consuming Facebook & Blogging Strategies May NOT Work For Your Business

Image of Jeff Dennis

Jeff Dennis

Author/Founder- Nightbird Publishing (USA)

  • To Touch Infinity

  • Daydreams and Night Screams

  • Hobo Jingo (sequel to King of the Hobos

  • King of the Hobos

  • Lessons From the Edge: Survival Skills for Starting and Growing a Company

Image of Lasana-Sekou

Lasana M. Sekou

  • National Symbols of St. Martin

  • 37 Poems

  • The Independence Papers

  • Born Here

  • Images in the Yard

  • Maroon Lives

  • Book of the Dead

  • Hurricane Protocol

  • Nativity

  • Love Songs Make You Cry

  • Moods For Isis

  • The Brotherhood of the Spurs